Exodus 1

The descendants of Jacob who settled in Egypt were 70 persons. That generation died but their descendants increased greatly, they were fruitful and multiplied. The first command of God, given to the first man and woman: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it.” Gn 1:28a) The land of egypt became filled with the descendants of Israel. (vv1-7)

Joseph and all that he did for Pharaoh and Egypt were forgotten. Pharaoh and the Egyptians feared that Israel might overcome them; therefore, they oppressed them and put them to hard labor. The second command of God, given to the first man and first woman was to rule the earth. (Gn 1:28b) This is what Pharaoh and the Egyptians feared. So, the root of their hatred was fear of loosing the kingdom. At first, they believed that affliction would keep Israel from multiplying but it did make their lives bitter in Egypt. (vv 8-14)

Murder begins in the heart. For this reason, the apostle John wrote, “Everyone who hates his brother is a murder.” (1Jn 3:15a) We are all brothers and sisters because every person on the earth descended from the first man and first woman and even Noah and his wife. Fear led to hatred, which led to a series of commands to murder. First, Pharaoh tried to accomplish the destruction of Israel through the Hebrew midwives. He commanded them to put to death every Hebrew son at birth. However, the midwives feared God more than Pharaoh; therefore, God blessed the families of the midwives. Hebrew extended his command to kill the hebrew sons. He commanded them to cast every son born into the Nile but allow the daughters to live. Pharaoh was treating the Hebrews as if they were cattle. What do you think of others and how are you treating your neighbor? (vv. 15-22)