Exodus 2

A man and woman from the tribe of Levi married, conceived and gave birth to a son. Pharaoh had commanded that every son born a Hebrew was to be cast into the Nile. After three months the woman made small floating vessel for the boy out of papyrus reeds and put it amongst the reeds by the bank of the nile but the boys sister stayed near by. I cannot imagine the horror of the situation. It is a joy for a married couple to have a son. (vv.1-4)

The floating vessel was more like a chest and Pharaoh’s daughter saw it and became curios as to what was in it. She was surprised to find a boy and desired to spare him though he was a Hebrew. His sister who was waiting near by spoke to Pharaoh’s daughter, volunteering to go and get a Hebrew woman to nurse the boy. Once the child was weaned she gave him over to Pharaoh’s daughter who received him as her son. At the adoption, Pharaoh’s daughter name him Moses. It is preferable for a child to remain with his birth parents but if they cannot take care of the child it is best to give the child to someone who is able to care for the child. What is best for the child? This is the question that one should ask thy self. (vv.5-10)

When Moses had grownup he walked among the Hebrews and was bothered by the hard labor and abuse inflicted on them by the Egyptians. He decided that he should be their redeemer but went about it the wrong way. He killed an Egyptian and the Hebrews did not receive his rule and rejected his intervention of killing. Pharaoh became angry and Moses fled to the land of Midian and sat down by a well. Midian was a son of Abraham through Keturah who he took as his wife after the death of Sarah. (vv.11-15)

Ruel was known as the priest of Midian and he had seven daughters who were shepherds. They came to draw water and filled the trough for the flock from the well but other shepherd’s drove them away but Moses intervened; but this time he did not kill, he watered the flock. This seen is very reminiscent of the servant of Abraham who went to get a wife for Isaac from among Abraham’s brothers. (cf. Gn.24:11) Rebekah was chosen for Isaac but Zipporah was given by Ruel as a wife for Moses. They had a son and named him Gershom which means a stranger there because Moses knew that he was not home. (vv.16-21)

After the king who sought the life of Moses died God heard the groaning of the sons of Israel. God is omniscient, so this does not mean that he was unaware but it was time for him to act on the covenantal promise that he made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The people cried out for help because of their bondage and God heard them. Jesus made a covenantal promise to return, raise us from the dead and give us eternal life in the new heaven and new earth. During the difficulties that come upon us, we should cry out to God, Come Lord Jesus! (vv.23-25)