Genesis 46-47

What does it say?
Genesis 46 - When Israel wanted to worship God and offer sacrifices he did so at Beersheba because this was were he meet God when he was a young man. (cf. Gn. 28:10) Just like when he was a young man God spoke with Israel at Beersheba in the visions of the night. God told Israel not to be afraid to go down to Egypt, for he would make a great nation from Israel. God promised that he would go down to Egypt with Israel and bring Israel up again. Their Jospeh his son will close his eyes. Jacob took his family, and went to the land of Goshen in Egypt, the place where Joseph directed them to go. There were 70 persons from the house of Jacob who went came to Egypt. It was here that Israel’s, in his old age, saw his son Joseph again. 
Genesis 47 - Joseph told Pharaoh that his family came down from Canaan and settled at Goshen. Five of his brothers and his father were presented before Pharaoh. When Pharaoh asked Israel how old he was, Jacob said, “The years of my sojourning are one hundred and thirty; few and unpleasant have been the years of my life, nor have they attained the years that my fathers lived during the days of their sojourning.” (Gn. 47:9 [NASB]) Pharaoh gave Israel the land of Goshen to settle and heard their flocks, he also charged them with his flocks. During the course of the famine Joseph acquired all of the money, livestock and land in Egypt for the house of Pharaoh. For this reason, the people who work the land gave one-fifth of the produce to Pharaoh as payment for using the land. Only the priest did not have to pay, for Pharaoh gave them an allotment. 

What does it mean?
There is an inkling of the Temple in this text. A designated mountain, where all of Israel would gather, to meet, and offer sacrifices to God. God promised to make Israel a great nation and bring the nation out of Egypt. God is trustworthy! God always delivers on his promises. Israel’s confession: Life is short and is difficult. It should be noted that the Egyptians, except the priest, paid Pharaoh one-fifth of all the produce of the land. The tithe that the Lord would enact in Israel is holy to the Lord. (cf. Lev. 27:30) 

What should I do?
I shall remember that the Lord our God is holy, his commands are not burdensome, his word is always trustworthy and true. If God says that he is going to do something, I can be rest assured that he will do it. God in his Son, Jesus Christ, has promised eternal life, in the new heaven and the new earth at his second coming, for all who believe in him. Life on this earth is short and often difficult but I have hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ for eternal life in the new heaven and new earth; there will no longer be any death, mourning, crying, or pain. (cf. Rev. 21:4) I see a great deal of these now while a care for the sick and injured but the new heaven and new earth will be free of these. I shall wait on the day of the Lord because the day of the Lord will come as promised.