Genesis 43-45

What does it say?
Genesis 43 - Israel and his sons had eaten all of the grain that they brought from Egypt, so Israel command his sons to return to Egypt and buy more grain. He was reminded that the man who was lord of the land of Egypt said, “return with your youngest brother Benjamin.” Israel was grieved and refused but when Judah vowed to be surety for his brothers life, Israel consented. Simeon their brother was returned to them. When Joseph saw Benjamin, his younger brother, he wept. After gaining his composure he dined with his brothers but separated from them. 
Genesis 44 - Joseph had his steward hide his special cup in Benjamin’s bag, then go after his brothers. When the cup was found in Benjamin’s bag, all of the brothers followed Benjamin back to Egypt. Joseph told Israel’s sons that Benjamin would stay and be his slave; however, Judah told Joseph about his father Israel and his vow to be surety for his brother .
Genesis 45 - Joseph wept! He then revealed himself to his brothers and they rejoiced. They were sent back to their father Israel carrying many gifts from the land of Egypt. When Israel heard that his son Joseph was alive his spirit revived and he made plans to go see him.

What does it mean?
First, the brothers new that they had sinned. They viewed what was happening as a result of their sin. They believed that Benjamin was being enslaved because of their sin committed, when they sold Jospeh into slavery. This is a type of our guilt. Second, Judah, from whom the Christ would come, vowed to his father, “I will be surety for the lad.” Judah is a type of Christ. He was sent by his father in exchange for the life of his brother. Third, Joseph, whom they thought was dead was alive. It as if he had been raised from the dead. When they saw him, they rejoiced. This is a type of Christ’s resurrection and his appearance to his brothers. Lastly, the brothers went and told the good news to their father. When he heard, he rejoiced and desired to go see him. This is a type of the disciples telling others the good news.

What shall I do?
I know that I was created in the image of God but have sinned and fall short of his glory. The Father God sent his son Jesus to be surety in my place. “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” ( 2 Corinthians 5:21 [NASB]) After Jesus’ death and burial, he made several appearance to the disciples, alive after his suffering, by many convincing proofs. (Acts 1:3) The disciples rejoiced when they saw him. (John 20:20) They were sent by Christ, to the world, to be his witnesses. (Acts 1:8) When Israel received news that Joseph was alive, his spirit revived and he desired to go see him. When I heard that Christ died for my sins and is alive, I rejoiced and I long to go see him. I shall remember the sins that I have committed and loath myself because of them. I shall remember that the Son of God was went buy the Father God to be surety for me. I shall rejoice because my sins have been paid in full and Jesus has risen from the dead to sit on his glorious thrown. I shall be glad because he has promised me a place in his Father’s house.