Exodus 26

The Lord is very detailed in how he wants the tabernacle constructed. We could look at the tabernacle from outside to inside and this is the way that it is written and they way that it would have been seen but we could also go from inside out. 

I spent about one year in a U. S. Army Field Hospital unit which used very large canvas tents to construct the Field Hospital. Theses tents were about the size and dimensions of the tabernacle and used framework, clasps and rings to construct them.  Once constructed an entire wall looked as a single curtain. Inside the tent could be further partitioned into rooms with additional curtains. There was also two sets of curtains that made the walls of these great tents. There was an inner wall that was made of softer material and an outer wall of thicker and more rigged material. I imagine the construct of the tabernacle to be much like these great tents although much much much more innate and glorious in appearance.  

I would like to think more about what was in the tabernacle. A veil using blue and purple and scarlet material of fine twisted linen was constructed and hung on four pillars. This would make a square room inside of the tabernacle. Placed in this square room, which is called the holy of holies was The Arch of the Testimony. The Arch of the Testimony contained the Ten Commandments that the sons of Israel agreed to obey. Inside the tabernacle was holy but this inner room was the holy of holies because it contained the arch of the testimony and the mercy seat. The mercy seat is the place of atonement for the sins of the people. Outside of the veil was placed the table for the show bread and the lampstand which were discussed in the previous chapter. 

There was a screen constructed of blue, purple and scarlet twisted linen for the doorway of the tent. Just like with the construction of the tent and the holy of holies, the construction of the doorway was very detailed with exact specifications from the Lord.