Exodus 27

This chapter gives instructions on the construction of and use of the bronze altar and the court of the tabernacle; lastly, the oil to be used for the lamp in the tent of meeting.

The tabernacle was constructed as such: The holy of holies is the place of God. In the holy of holies was the ark of the testimony. A box with attached carrying poles. In the box were two tablets on which were written, Ten Commandments for the sons of Israel. On top of the box was a led called the mercy seat. We will come back to the mercy seat in a later writing but its purpose is for atonement of sins. Going out from the holy of holies we have the holy place. This is were the priest are to meet with God. The holy place is separated from the holy of holies by a linen curtain. In the holy place was a table and a lamp. Placed on the table were twelve loaves of bread which represent the twelve tribes of Israel, the people of God. The lampstand had on it seven lamps that were to be kept lit throughout the night by the sons of Aaron. The sons of Israel were charged with bringing the clearest of olive oil as fuel for the lamps. The holy of holies was separated from the holy place by a linen curtain and the holy place was was separated from the court of the tabernacle by a fifteen foot curtain. The court was seperated from the outside world by a seven foot curtain. A square within a larger square without a roof but to tall for anyone to look over. No roof because God came as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day. 

The bronze altar was constructed as a square made from acacia wood covered with bronze. The dimensions were five cubits by five cubits and its height was three cubits. A cubit measured from the tip of ones fingers to the elbow which was approximately 1 1/2 feet for the average man. Like the ark of the testimony, the bronze altar was constructed to be transported. Like the ark of the testimony, the bronze altar also had attached poles. These were made of acacia wood and covered with bronze. There will be more on its use later but this is the place that burnt sacrifices are to be made with Aaron’s sons presiding. 

All of this screams of Jesus Christ. He is the word of God become flesh and he is the light of the world. He was handed over for crucifixion by the priests and his blood atoned for our sins.