Exodus 34

What does it say?
The Lord commanded Moses to cut out two stone tablets, like the former ones that Moses had thrown down and shattered, and come up to Mount Sinai, early in the morning by himself. So, Moses did as the Lord commanded and the Lord passed before Moses while proclaiming the name of the Lord. The Lord proclaimed that God is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; that he keeps lovingkindness for thousands and forgives iniquity, transgression and sin but he will not leave the guilty unpunished and there children will suffer as a result. Hearing this, Moses worshiped the Lord and he asked the Lord to go along in the midst of the people even though they are so obstinate. He prayed that the Lord would forgive their iniquity and sin and take them as his own people. The Lord spoke to Moses of a covenant that he will make and miracles which he will preform that have never been done on the earth. The Lord commanded Moses to write down these ten commandments on the two stone tablets:
  1. Make no covenant with the people of the Land.
  2. The sons of Israel are to solely worship the Lord. 
  3. They are to annually observe the seven day feast of unleavened bread. 
  4. All the first born belong to the Lord; therefore, they shall be redeemed with a lamb as a substitute.
  5. The Lord command that the sons of Israel work six days and rest on the seventh day. 
  6. They are to observe the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Ingathering.
  7. Three times a year the sons of Israel are to come together as one congregation to worship the Lord.
  8. The Feast of the Passover is not to be left until morning. 
  9. The first fruits are to be brought into the house of the Lord. 
  10. A young goat shall not be boiled in its mothers milk. 
Moses was on the Mountain for forty days and when he came down his face shined with the glory of the Lord and the sons of Israel were afraid; therefore, he covered his face with a vail but he instructed the people with the word of the Lord.

What does it mean?
The first covenant that the Lord had made with the sons of Israel was shattered. The Lord showed Moses the true nature of the Lord when he made second covenant. It should be noted that the commands in the second covenant are different than the commands that the Lord spoke to all of the congregation from Mount Sinai. These are things that the people should be able to do if they are willing. The Lord is a compassionate and gracious God. The people did not deserve a second covenant but the Lord gave it to them any ways. What will happen to them if they do not keep this covenant? The Lord will visit the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the grandchildren to the third and forth generations.

What Shall I do?
I shall understand that the Lord is a covenant making and covenant keeping God. The Lord made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give them the land of Canaan. He made a covenant with the sons of Israel at Mount Sinai which they were unable to keep; therefore, to keep the covenantal promise that he made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he made another covenant with the sons of Israel.  I shall know that the Lord is compassionate and gracious but I shall not presume upon the grace of the Lord and ignore his commandments. Jesus Christ has given us a new commandment to love one another just as he loved us; therefore, I shall love my brothers, my neighbors and even my enemies as the Lord commanded in Christ Jesus.