Exodus 37

What does it say?
First, Bezalel constructed the ark and the mercy seat, with the cherubim facing the mercy seat, and their wings spread out covering the mercy seat, exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses . Second, he made the table of acacia wood and the utensils that were placed on the table, exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses. Third, he made the lampstand of pure gold, with seven lamps, snuffers and trays, exactly as the Lord commanded Moses. Lastly, he made the table of incense of acacia wood overlaid with gold and he made the holy perfume, exactly as the Lord had commanded Moses. The Lord had commanded Moses to make these things, and the Lord put his Spirit in Bezalel to make them. Bezalel made them exactly as the Lord commanded Moses on Mount Sinai. 

What does it mean?
The Hebrew name (Bezalel) means, "in the shadow (i.e. protection) of God" (Olive Tree Enhanced Strong's Dictionary) It is in the shadow of God that Bezalel made these articles used in the ritual worship of the Lord. Bezalel was not one of the sons of Aaron, he was the son of Uri, the son of Hur, nor was he of the tribe of Levi, he was of the tribe of Judah; yet, it was Bezalel whom the Lord filled with the Spirit of God in wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all craftsmanship to build these articles for worship. (Ex 31:1-5) Only a priest could enter the holy place were these articles were kept and only the High Priest could enter the holy of holies were the arc and the mercy seat were kept; yet the son of Uri, the son of Hur made them. Only a Levite could carry these things articles, yet a man from the tribe of Judah made them. The Lord can raise up whomever he wants to raise up for his glory and purpose.

What shall I do?
I shall except what the Lord has given me to do because he has filled me with his Spirit in wisdom, understanding and knowledge to do it. The Lord has given it to me to work as a Registered Nurse and write. This is for the God’s glory and purpose in Jesus Christ; therefore, I shall do these in the shadow of the Almighty.