Leviticus 14

What does it say?
If a person becomes healed of his skin affliction, then the priest is to come to him outside of the camp to see if he has been healed of his skin affliction. If the priest sees that he is healed, then the priest slaughters a bird, in a jar, over running water. Then he dips a live bird, a branch of cedar wood and a scarlett string in the water. He then sprinkles the person with the water seven times and declares him clean. This same ritual is done to cleanse a house. The man must stay outside of his tent for seven days. Then on the eight day, he is to shave all of the hair off his body, bath and change his clothes. The priest who declared him clean is to present him before the Lord at the doorway of the tent of meeting. The man is to bring a guilt offering; a male lamb and a log of oil. A sin offering, another male lamb or a pigeon if he is poor. A burnt offering, which includes a yearling female lamb or pigeon if he is poor, with an ephah of grain. The guilt offering is a wave offering. Some of the blood and oil are put on the right ear lobe, right thumb and right big toe of the person being atoned. The priest then makes atonement with the sin offering and burnt offering. Besides inspecting persons and clothing for infection he is also given the duty of inspecting houses for leprosy. 

What does it mean?
The sons of Israel did not have the means to clear up an infection. They were fully dependent on the Lord. The cleansing rituals for man and house were an acknowledgement that the person was cleansed by the Lord and not by man. A guilt offering, a sin offering and a burnt offering is made at this time, because the person had been excluded from the congregation; therefore, he was in need of atonement. There is none who does good; (Ps 14:3) therefore, the person must be atoned before being reestablished in the congregation. The congregation is holy to the Lord. 

What shall I do?
I am a Registered Nurse who works at the bedside of the sick and injured in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. My job and the job of the doctors that I work with are much like that of the priests, except for making atonement. The doctor inspects and makes a diagnosis. However, it is my job to take care of the afflicted person. I give supporting measures until body systems return to normal function. There is nothing that we do, even today, that heals anyone. The surgeon altars the bodily function. He might reroute blood supply around a blocked artery. I manage ventilation until the patient can breath on their own. I manage intravenous medication to stimulate heart function until normal function returns. However, no healing happens unless the Lord grants it. I shall give all honor, all glory and all praise to the Lord our God. Jesus Christ is Lord!