Matthew 27

What does it say?
The chief priest and elders delivered Jesus to the Roman governor Pilate. Judas hanged himself when he saw that Jesus was condemned. Thief priest took the money that they had paid him to deliver Jesus and bought the potters field in fulfillment of prophecy. The Roman governor was amazed that Jesus did not answer any of the allegations that the chief priest and elders made against him. Pilot knew that they had delivered Jesus because of envy; therefore, he thought to ask the people if they wanted him to release Jesus or Barabbas. Pilot’s wife warned him that Jesus is a righteous man; meanwhile, the chief priest and elders persuaded the people to ask for Barabbas. The people requested that Jesus be crucified; therefore, after publicly washing his hands, Pilot had Jesus scourged and handed him over to be crucified. The soldiers made a mockery of Jesus as king of the Jews. They made Simon of Cyrene carry Jesus’ cross. At the place of the skull, they gave Jesus wine mixed with gall but he refused it. They crucified Jesus, divided up his clothing and put the charge over his head, “THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS.” Passerby’s, the chief priest, scribes, elders and even the criminals who were executed alongside him insulted Jesus. The land was darkened for three hours until Jesus cried out with a loud voice and gave up his spirit. The women who followed Jesus from Galilee were witnesses to his death and burial. Joseph of Arimathea  took the body of Jesus, wrapped it in a linen cloth and laid it in a new tomb which he had hewn out in the rock and he rolled a large stone against the entrance before departing. The chief priest and the Pharisees requested that Pilot make the tomb secure; therefore, a guard was stationed and a seal was set on the stone.

What does it mean?
Jesus was innocent of any wrong doing, yet all of Jerusalem came against him. Jesus’ suffering was mental as well as physical. He was scourged and he was mocked. Pilot did not believe that he was deserving death, yet swayed by the will of the people, he condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion. Jesus died a death that he did not deserve in place of a man who deserved death. Barabbas was a notorious prisoner who was allowed to go free but Jesus was humiliated, suffered and died. Jesus death on the cross was a sin sacrifice, the innocent in place of the guilty. Everything that happened was in fulfillment of prophecy.

What shall I do?
I am a sinner deserving the wrath of Almighty God for my crimes. I shall live in thanksgiving towards God for giving his only begotten Son, that I may have eternal life. I shall live in thanksgiving towards Jesus Christ. Before I was ever born he died for me. I shall tell people what Jesus did for his glory and their good.