Mark 3

The Pharisees angered that Jesus would heal a man, in a synagogue, on the Sabbath, conspired to destroy him. After this, Jesus withdrew to the sea and a boat was prepared for him to allow a bit of separation from the large crowed who gathered because of his healings. Jesus went up on a mountain where he called the twelve to be with him, to preach and cast out demons. The crowds made it difficult for Jesus and the twelve to even eat a meal; therefore, his family believed that he had lost his senses but the scribes were saying that he was possessed by the ruler of demons. However, it was not logical for Satan to cast out Satan; therefore, Jesus said that all sins shall be forgiven men except for blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ declared that whoever does the will of God is his brother and sister and mother.

The Pharisees had no compassion for others but were strict legalist. They wanted the law observed no matter what the outcome meant for individuals. The main point of Jesus’ teaching was love for God and love for neighbor, demonstrated by acts of worship and compassion. Jesus was taught by word and demonstration. The Pharisees hated it; therefore, they sought his destruction. They first sought his destruction through the Herodians who ruled in Galilee. 

Despite Jesus petition for people not to tell who healed them, word spread and people gathered to him. This made it very difficult for him to eat or even have a minute to himself. Therefore, Jesus needed some separation but he needed to teach disciples. Jesus choose twelve men to be with him and teach them. These men would preach and have the authority to heal. They have left with us the new testament, in fact, they left us this gospel account as the first record of their testimony. 

Unbelief takes many forms. Jesus’ family had one form of unbelief and the Scribes and Pharisees had another form. Both groups were blind but blinded for different reasons. Jesus’ family members were worried about his person. They were thinking in earthly terms. They could not see beyond the present. The Scribes and Pharisees were blinded by hatred. The Pharisees sought his destruction and the Scribes said that he was possessed by a demon, when in fact, he was possessed by God. There is a great deal of speculation about the unpardonable sin. When has someone crossed the line of un-forgiveness? Equating the works of God with Satan is true blaspheme.

The church should understand that we are a family. The church has a system of hierarchy. No believer should be called teacher, father or leader. That hierarchy belongs to the Trinity, for we are all brothers and sisters. (cf. Mt. 23:1-12) Our Father is God, our teacher is the Scriptures interpreted by the Holy Spirit, and our leader is the Christ, and we are all brothers and sisters.