Matthew 28

What does it say?
An angel rolled back the stone from the tomb and sat on it and the guards shook with fear. However, when the women came, the angel said, “Do not be afraid, Jesus is not here, his is risen.” The angel told the women to tell his disciples that Jesus will meet them in Galilee. The women departed with fear and joy until they met Jesus and he greeted them. They worshiped him and he told them to tell his brethren to meet him in Galilee. Some of the soldiers reported to the chief priests what happened. The chief priest bribed them with a large sum of money to say that his disciples came by night and stole the body. The eleven disciples went to the mountain in Galilee that Jesus designated. They saw him and worshiped him but some were doubtful. Jesus commissioned them to make disciples, baptize and teach the new disciples to observe all that he commanded to the end of the age.

What does it mean?
There are four facts concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ in this text.
  1. There was a tomb that contained the dead body of Jesus.
  2. The tomb was found empty on the first day of the week.
  3. Jesus appeared to his disciples bodily resurrected from the dead and he spoke to them.
  4. The disciples believed that Jesus rose from the dead.
These facts are indisputable. No one can deny that the dead body of Jesus was placed in a tomb and no one can deny that the tomb was found empty on the first day of the week. Aside from the testimony of the women, the chief priests paying the soldiers is a testimony to these facts. The eleven disciples spent their entire lives proclaiming that they are witnesses to his resurrection; therefore, he is the Christ the Son of God and there is forgiveness of sins for all who believe in his name. There are four ALLS to the great commission:
  1. Jesus has been given ALL authority in heaven and on earth.
  2. The church is to make disciples of ALL nations.
  3. The church is to teach ALL that Jesus commanded.
  4. Jesus promises to be with us ALWAYS.

What shall I do?
I shall believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God because he bodily rose from the dead. I shall learn to observe all that Jesus commanded. I shall make disciples and teach them to observe all that Jesus commanded. I shall do this for as long as I have breath.