Come Follow Me

Mark 10

It was Jesus’ custom to teach when a crowd gathered. He taught that it is not God’s will that a wife and husband should separate, for he considers them one flesh. Later, his disciples questioned him about this and Jesus told them that to divorce and marry another is committing adultery. Jesus used the metaphor of how a child excepts as being the way we should except the kingdom of God. Jesus corrected a rich young man’s understanding of good and showed him that to repent and follow Jesus Christ is the only good that a man can do. It is impossible for people to enter the kingdom of God but with God all things are possible. Jesus promised eternal life to all who leave whatever is holding them back from following him. On the journey to Jerusalem, Jesus told his disciples about his coming arrest, trial, humiliation, suffering, death and resurrection three days later. James and John sought honor for themselves at Jesus right and left sides in his kingdom, but he told them, it is for whom it has been prepared by God. The greatest in the kingdom of God is a lowly servant in the kingdom of man. Jesus healed a blind man who had lost his sight because he asked Jesus to heal him, believing that he could. 

The kingdom of God is much different than the kingdom of man. The man who has the most things and is served by others is considered greatest in the kingdom of man. Jesus says to leave all and follow me. He says to not worry about what you are loosing in this life to follow him. God will provide for your needs in this life and give you eternal life in the age to come. 

Following Jesus means doing what he commands. I have seen many attempt to discount the words of Jesus as meaning something different than what he actually taught. Jesus used metaphors and parables to teach but he often spoke directly. Jesus directly said to divorce and marry another is committing adultery. This is not a metaphor, nor was it a parable. No one should leave their spouse and marry another. If you have already done so, this cannot be undone but you should remain with the wife or husband to whom you are presently married.

Following Jesus Christ is not easy. It can mean much loss in this present life but their is the promise of eternal life in the age to come. All sin can be forgiven in Jesus Christ. Jesus does not say live such and such a way and you will receive eternal life. He says that whoever follows him will receive eternal life. If there is anything holding you back, leave all and follow Jesus today!