Listen to Jesus

Mark 9
Jesus said that some of the disciples would see the kingdom of God come with power. Peter, James and John saw Jesus transfigured into his glorified state and were told by the Father to listen to him before Moses and the prophets. Jesus commanded that they tell no one what that had seen until he rose from the dead. Jesus healed an epileptic boy but more than that, he helped a doubting father have faith. Jesus prepared his disciples for his death at the hands of men and his bodily resurrection on the third day. Jesus taught his disciples that the greatest in the kingdom of God is the one considered last among men because he is servant of all.  Jesus taught his disciples to not be particular regarding persons who think differently but love Jesus Christ and the followers of Christ. Jesus warned his disciples to not be the cause of a weak believers stumbling because stumbling leads to hell. Jesus commanded his disciples to have a purifying influence and be at peace with one another. 

Peter, James and John saw Jesus as the glorified Son of God. Jesus is better than Moses and better than Elijah. Moses represents the law and Elijah represents the prophets. Peter wanted to make tabernacles for all three but the Father negated this saying, “This is My beloved Son, listen to Him!” Asking if the Christian is under the Old Testament law, is not a question that should even be asked. Asking that questions leads to an unfruitful discussion. The word Christian means, “Follower of Christ.” We are not followers of Moses and the prophets, we are followers of Christ. I read the Old Testament, because doing so, gives me more knowledge and understanding of God and man. However, we are not lead by Moses, Aaron or the prophets. Jesus Christ is our prophet, priest and king. It is the teaching of Christ that we are to observe and it is the person of Christ that we are to emulate. Jesus suffered and died for our sins, and he was buried, and he bodily rose from the dead the third day. Jesus, not Moses, nor Elijah is coming on a day and hour of the Father’s choosing to judge the earth. He will give eternal life to his followers and eternal punishment to his rejectors. All of Jesus commandments are love and truth.