Living in His Word

The Lord God is the creator and he is sovereign. We must keep his word. Anything else is sin. If the Lord should command it, thus we shall do it and if he forbid it, we shall not do it. 

Sometimes we find ourselves on the wrong path and the Lord puts obstacles in our way to get our attention. There are two types of people in this world. The elect of the Lord and the cursed. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish because people look alike. Sometimes the elect appear to be cursed but it is the Lord’s doing and way of guiding his elect who stray from his will. We cannot speak except what the Lord puts in our mouths. Anything else is sin. The Lord will get the attention of his elect and will use the things of this world and hardships to get our attention. 

We are justified, as a gift, by the grace of God alone, through faith alone, in the Son of God, Jesus Christ alone, for the glory of God alone, as it is written in Scripture alone. All other ways are contrary to the will and word of God. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” (Jn 14:6) He is the word of God become flesh (Jn 1:14) and the word of God must become flesh in our lives. We must live out the word of God in the way that we live and the things that we say. 

Balaam was asked by Balak to come and curse the sons of Israel; however, he understood that he could not do anything, contrary to the word of the Lord his God. (Num 22:18) It is, therefore, imperative, that we know all that Jesus commanded, so that we do not do anything contrary to his word.