Measure of Faith

Luke 7:1-50

Jesus healed a centurion’s slave from dying and raised a widows dead son to life. John the Baptist sent a delegation to ask if Jesus is the expected one and Jesus answered by quoting from the prophets. Jesus called John the greatest of all proceeding messengers but that John is by no means greater than anyone in the kingdom of God. No matter if a prophet fasts or feasts, the men of this age slander him. While dinning in a Pharisee’s house, a woman who was a known sinner, washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair, anointed his feet with perfume, and kissed them; however, the Pharisee had contempt. Jesus explained that all our sinners, some greater than others; however, the difference between the saved and the unsaved is faith evidenced by love. 

The measure of a person’s faith is love. Do you love little because you have been forgiven little, or do you love much because you have been forgiven much. The centurion understood that he had no right to favor. Not only was he a sinner but he was a gentile. The gentiles were considered outside the kingdom, but Jesus considered his faith great because he believed that Jesus could heal his servant from afar. The centurion exhibited his faith in love. John the Baptist was in doubting castles and Jesus gave him what he needed to hear, the promises found in the Scripture alone. The kingdom of God is already but not yet. The prophecies are already but not yet fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Jesus had compassion for a widow, by raising her only son from the dead. Without her son, this woman had no means of support and would have suffered greatly. The Lord is compassionate and gracious. We are to be sons of our Father who is in heaven; who gives to both evil men and good men what they need. (Mt. 5:45)