Recorded In Heaven

Luke 10

Jesus sent seventy others, in pairs, to proceed him in every city and place, to heal the sick and say: “The kingdom of God has come near to you.” (vv. 1-12) A day and hour is coming in which Jesus is going to return to judge the earth. We are to go make disciples of all nations, baptize and teach them. The seventy was sent to the cities ahead of Jesus. The church has been sent to every city in the world. Just like when the seventy were sent out, there will be some who receive us and some who will reject us.

Jesus spoke woes to the cities Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum for not repent. (vv. 13-15) It is not good when a place does not receive the gospel. All who hear the gospel will be held more accountable than those who did not hear.

Then Jesus told the seventy, that everyone who receives them receives him and the one who rejects them, rejects both the Son and the Father. (v 16) If a follower of Jesus Christ is preaching the truth about the kingdom of God; then if he is received, the receiver is receiving Christ but if he is rejected, the rejector is rejecting God. I add this caveat because there are many Christ spoken of in this world but there is only one true Christ, the Christ of the Bible. Represent the Lord well and speak truth. Make sure that it is Christ that is being received or rejected. 

The seventy returned rejoicing about the power that they had been given but Jesus told them to rejoice because their names are recorded in heaven. (vv. 17-20) It is easy to get caught up in the things that we do but the important thing is the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.

The Son reveals the Father to whom all that the Father gives him. (vv. 21-22) There is a Devine order in election: Father and Son and Spirit. In order for a man to come to Christ he must be regenerated by the Spirit to repent and believe. In order for a man to come to the Father he must believe in the Son and be taught by the word of God. And none of this occurs unless the Father sends the Spirit.

Jesus called the disciples more blessed than many prophets and kings because of the things that they have seen and heard. (vv. 23-24) Hearing the things that Jesus said and seeing the things that Jesus did. How blessed the disciples truly are; however, we are blessed because we have the word of God. Many generations before us did not have the word of God but we do. How blessed we are to have the written word of God.

A lawyer wanted to know how far he had to go in his love for God and neighbor to inherit eternal life. Jesus answered by telling a parable about a man who took care of a man who was considered by his nation an enemy. (vv. 25-37) All persons on the earth are our neighbor, from the least to the greatest, from the kindest to the meanest. With that being said, the point of the parable and the answer to the question is this: “All have sinned and fall short.” (Rom 3:23) No one has perfectly loved God and loved his neighbor as he loves himself. No one that is except Jesus Christ. Therefore, no one will inherit eternal life by the works of the law to do them but by grace we are being saved through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Do not become distracted from the Lord Jesus Christ with the business of the life. (vv. 38-42) It is so easy to be caught up with business and not take the time to look at Jesus and hear him. Christmas is a time to reflect on the first advent and look ahead to the second. Do not become so distracted by all the festivities and gatherings and not look to Christ.