What Are You Worried About?

Luke 12

I day and an hour is coming in which God will judge the world in righteousness, yet do we spend most of our time worrying about the trivial things in this life. Everyone is going to die. The death rate in the world is 100% and the Bible tells us that after this comes the judgment. What do you worry about? I confess that I am not without worry. I worry about a great many things that I do not nor should not be worried about. Do you worry about how people perceive you? What can they really do to you and is it going to matter in 100 years how persons perceive you today? Maybe you worry about your looks or your health. These are good things but not as important as your eternal soul. Jesus warns us about being rich in this life and poor towards God. Having riches in and of themselves is not evil, it is the pursuit of riches above our relationship with God and how we treat other people that really matters. 

Jesus tells us not to worry about the things of this life; what to wear or what to eat but that is difficult isn’t it? This seems to be what our day to day is all about. However, to many of these days put together and you reach the end with what? You cannot take one thing from this life into eternity. Jesus said to not fear man who can kill the body but fear him who has the power to kill the body and the soul in hell. It is the soul that you take into eternity, therefore, it is the eternal soul that you should be concerned about the most. This body will be left and a new resurrected body will be raised. Should we take care of our bodies? Absolutely but not to the ignorance of the soul. The body is temporal but the soul is eternal. Our relationship with the things of the earth are temporal but our relationship with God and one other is eternal.