January 19th in the Year of Our Lord 2021

Today I read a lengthy portion of Scripture, Joshua 11-15; the defeat of the kings of the land of Canaan and the apportioning of the land among the tribes of Israel, except the tribe is Levi. Joshua 13:33, “But to the tribe of Levi, Moses did not give an inheritance; the LORD, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as He had promised to them.”

This blog is my journal. I do not know who if anyone reads the things that I write in it. I use to have a Facebook account and would post on that account the articles that I wrote in this blog. Even though I tried, I really could not get anyone to follow my blog. Over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook account but I have continued to write in this blog, not knowing if anyone reads it and I doubt if anyone that knows me reads it; therefore, I thought this morning, why not truly write as a daily journal.

My life is not what it ought to be. In fact I have been struggling a great deal for the past year. Being that I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse, working in that field has become more and more difficult and I have felt more and more isolated and life in general has become more difficult. Therefore, I need to express myself and write the things that are on my heart and mind to someone, even if I do not know who might read it. 

I feel as though I have no inheritance in this world; the Son of God is my inheritance as he promised his disciples. I have never seen God but I can see the magnificence of his creation. I have never seen the Son of God, Jesus the Christ but I believe in him through the testimony of the Spirit and the apostles. I have never seen the Spirit but I can see his work when I read history, for this reason I enjoy reading history.

I do not know what I will write in this blog going forward but I can tell you that I have love for the God of Scripture, his Christ and the church in his name. I am a man who feels like he has lost everything in this life that was precious to him. My portion is in Jesus the Christ the Son of God.