January 27th in the Year of Our Lord 2021

To whom it may concern,

The Lord God has changed my heart, my mind and my will. In times past my will was to please myself, but now I will to live a life pleasing to the Lord our God, creator of heaven and earth. He took out my heart of stone and put into me a heart of flesh. He put his Spirit in me and he has written his law upon my heart. My desires have changed from serving myself to serving the Lord. 

Three days a week I work in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care seeing to the needs of others and I spend the other three days a week reading. I love the word of God and I love the church; therefore, I study the word of God and church history. Prior to going to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, I loved the scriptures and desired to take courses for that reason. However, I really enjoyed studying church history. All of the history if the world relates in some way to church history. I enjoy history because it is the record of the Spirits work in the world. 

We cannot go back to what was, ours is what lies ahead, but it comforts me to see how God worked in the lives of others. When I see the bad things going on in the world today, it comforts me to know that bad things happened in the past, yet the Lord did not forget his people. So, if you are feeling discouraged or lonely, read the word of God, but do not stop there; read history because in reading history you can be comforted that God is as much at work for the past two-thousand years as he was during biblical times.

In Christ alone,
Mike Peek
The Nurse Theologian