Trust in the Lovingkindness of the Lord

My reading this morning came from Psalms 3, 4 and 5. The world is full of wickedness and evil men but the psalmist trust in the lovingkindness of the Lord his God.

Lawlessness and evil men seem to be increasing on the earth. Either there has been a change on the earth or there has been a change in my perception. I do not know which it is and it could be a combination. The antics of the politicians, law makers and people are bothering me a great deal. I understand but I do not understand. I understand that man chose to rebel against the commandment of God but I do not understand why men choose to rebel against the will of God.

At the U.S.A. capitol, last week, there was protest that turned into rioting. For some reason, the president of the country refuses to succeed the election result. He was making accusations of fraud and these people believed what he was saying. It seems that they thought that the right course of action was to storm the capitol and stop the law makers from certifying the election. The president had petitioned the law makers of his political party to not certify the result but they followed the law set forth in the constitution. 

The law makers are now making things worse by trying to remove the president from office or impeach him during his last week in office. I do not understand! Why can they not let things rest? I understand that the persons who rioted should be prosecuted but why make things worse by removing the president from office early. 

Come Lord Jesus! Make things right on the earth. Vanquish Satan from causing trouble among men. All that I can do is pray, do what is right according to the commandment and trust in the lovingkindness of God. God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.