February 12th in the Year of Our Lord, 2021

Isaiah 33:22,  says:

For the LORD is our judge,
The LORD is our lawgiver,
The LORD is our king;
He will save us—

In the age to come, the redeemed will finally attribute all of their happiness and joy to their all-sufficient Lord alone. Men will not judge other men, for the Lord is our judge, and men will not make laws, for the Lord is our lawgiver. James 4:12 says:
There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?

It is strange to my ear when I hear someone say that there our Christians and there are disciples of Christ. There are those who believe in Jesus and there are those who follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Somehow a mindset of easy believism crept into the church. I believe that this originated from two sources: The first source is the doctrine of justification by faith. The second source is sin. The second source twists the beautiful doctrine into unrighteousness. Easy believism is the false doctrine, that a person can be saved from the penalty of sin through faith in Jesus Christ but remain unrepentant. That a person can feast at the table of sin during this life and feast at the Lord’s table in the age to come. That a person does not need to repent from sin but only need believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. This is a wicked doctrine!

It is not for me to judge my neighbor for there is but one Lawgiver and Judge. There is but one King and Savior; he is seated at the righthand of the Father. A day and hour is coming in which Jesus will come with all of his angles to sit down on his glorious throne to judge the nations. Oh man, what will you say when he looks at you, and says, “What have you done with my Word?”

It is good that Jesus is our judge, and it is good that Jesus is our lawgiver, and it is good that Jesus is our king because he is full of grace and truth. (Jn.1:14, 17) There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; all who capitulate to him as Lord and trust him as Savior.