Doctrine and Nursing Practice

The Christian life is doctrine and practice. You cannot have the one without the other. I spend my days off from work studying doctrine and my work days in practice. Why nursing? It seems odd that a man who spends a great amount of his time studying theology would choose to work at the bedside taking care of the sick. Are not theologians in ivory towers? Are not learned men in institutions of higher learning?

The ministry of Jesus Christ was twofold: he provided for the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of the people. Our Lord washed his disciples feet, are we not to do the same as our Lord? Nursing is a difficult and dirty job but that is not my complaint. I do not like what I have seen in nursing as of late. In order to staff the nursing units, hospital administrations have resorted to all kinds of incentives in pay, but the nurse who does not leave and works day to day is forgotten. It is as though nurses are incentivized to leave the bedside for another bedside, so nurses are continently moving and changing jobs. Most move every two years if not more often. The more this happens, the more incentives, and the more incentives offered, the more nurses leave. It is an endless cycle which does not take into account the reason for nursing. 

Nursing is a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nurses see to the needs of our neighbor. We care for the human body, the human mind and the soul. Why nursing? To honor God who created us, to exalt Jesus Christ who redeemed us and to seek the best for our neighbor who is one of us.