March 27, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

This morning I recited John 14 and read Isaiah 5-8. Mentioned in Isaiah 7:14 and again in 8:8 is the Hebrew term Immanuel, meaning “God with us.” This term is referred to in Matthew 1:23 as another name for Jesus. In either context, whether in Isaiah’s prophecy about the kings of Damascus and Samaria attacking Judah (Is 7:14) or the birth of the Christ child, (Mt 1:23) the name was and is intended to assure the reader of God’s presence. (ESV Global Study Bible Notes) Do you believe that God is present with you today? I do not ask, do you feel God’s presence. This term “I feel” is so commonly used by people today. People use the term subjectively, when they mean I think or if they have emotion about some subject. However, God’s presence with us is an objective truth. God was truly present in Jerusalem when he defeated the enemies of Judah and God was truly present with us in the person of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ sin and death are already and will be defeated. Today I am working in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. I do not know whom will be in my charge to care for but I know that God was with us in Jesus Christ and God is with me as I go today in the Spirit of Christ. The word of God assures me that his Spirit is present with all who believe. (Jn 14:16-17)

Michael Peek, BSN, RN, MTS

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