March 29, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday was unlike any day for the past one year but was like many days before. I began the day (as is my habit) in the word of God, then I went for a six mile run on the streets outside of our neighborhood. Darlene and I went to Sunday School and we saw many people that we know and there were a few in the class that we had never meet before. After the class, we went to corporate worship in the sanctuary, there were a great number of people in attendance. All of this was like many days before but unlike any day for the past year. The morning was very familiar and different than the past one year. It is an interesting feeling to have what is familiar and yet be far removed at the same time. We spent the afternoon at home relaxing and I spent time reading a book. After this, we went to my mother’s home to celebrate our nephew’s twentieth birthday. This also was unlike any day for the past one year but was like many days before. This makes me wonder, what was the last year about? It is as if time stopped and we all moved ahead a year and picked up where we had left off. However, that is not completely accurate, there has been much loss during the past year. Can the lost be found again? Can what once was be redeemed? The good old times, everyone wants the good old times. It seems that when people discuss heaven, they talk of heaven as though it is a family reunion and things returning to what they were before. Is heaven a returning to what was or a moving ahead to what shall be? I know that I am not what I ought to be now but my hope is in glory.

Michael Peek, BSN, RN, MTS